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Welcome to the QiLynx Community blog! We set up this blog to create a place where we could share our ideas with our clients, clients to be, friends,...

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This community blog is intended to be a place of dialogue about the state of identity and authentication technology, it's uses, potential, and how it applies to ourselves and perhaps the organisations we work, live and play within and around.

Qilynx Systems

XTQilynx Systems is a Melbourne, Australia based Identity and Authentication Solutions Provider.

We were founded, specifically to provide individuals and organisations with identity and authentication solutions for the web.

The company's flagship service and product is the SAMLink Internet Single-Sign-On provider. The system offers enterprise turnkey management of web applications and systems. Our software is based on VirtualThinking's powerful RADiCAL portal framework and the award-winning simpleSAMLphp application, making it secure, fast, and scalable.

We realize that identity on the web is tricky, confusing and maybe even a little scary. It is our goal to make it completely painless for you to manage your online identity. Here's what we do:

  • We provide you with an QiID account.
  • We provide access to your information in a profile that you manage and control.
  • We provide a whole bunch of fun, useful services, widgets and APIs.

We try and keep the language human. We understand that all these terms and formats may sound like technobabble, so we try hard to make it super easy for you to take advantage of these innovations - without ever having to think about the complexity that goes on behind the scenes.